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Welcome to the Worship Media Center! From this page you can access the audio, video, worship folder, and sermon transcript for worship services as they become available. The last six months will be available on this page. If you need media from worship services older than six months, please contact us. Also, please let us know if you have difficulty accessing any of the media on this page.

Date Sermon Title Speaker Audio Video Worship Folder Sermon Transcript
2017-08-20 Practicing Our Faith: Healing Emily Hull McGee      -      -     View        -
2017-08-13 Practicing Our Faith: Forgiveness Emily Hull McGee      -  Watch     View     View
2017-08-06 Practicing Our Faith: Shaping Communities John Thornton  Listen  Watch     View     View
2017-07-30 Practicing Our Faith: Discernment Emily Hull McGee  Listen  Watch     View     View
2017-07-23 Practicing Our Faith: Testimony Emily Hull McGee  Listen  Watch     View     View
2017-07-16 Practicing Our Faith: Keeping Sabbath Emily Hull McGee  Listen  Watch     View     View
2017-07-09 Practicing Our Faith: Saying Yes and Saying No Emily Hull McGee  Listen  Watch     View     View
2017-07-02 Practicing Our Faith: Household Economics Emily Hull McGee  Listen  Watch     View     View
2017-06-25 Usefulness, Service, and the God Who Sends David and Lauren Bass  Listen  Watch     View        -
2017-06-18 Practicing Our Faith: Honoring the Body Emily Hull McGee  Listen  Watch     View     View
2017-06-11 Practicing Our Faith Emily Hull McGee  Listen  Watch     View     View
2017-06-04 Daring to Inhale Emily Hull McGee  Listen  Watch     View     View
2017-05-28 Blessing the Distance Emily Hull McGee  Listen  Watch     View     View
2017-05-21 Blessing the Presence Emily Hull McGee  Listen  Watch     View     View
2017-05-14 Blessing the Way Emily Hull McGee  Listen  Watch     View     View
2017-05-07 Sowing Generously, Sharing Abundantly: Gratitude Emily Hull McGee  Listen  Watch     View     View
2017-04-30 Sowing Generously, Sharing Abundantly: Joy Emily Hull McGee  Listen  Watch     View     View
2017-04-23 Sowing Generously, Sharing Abundantly: Obedience Emily Hull McGee  Listen  Watch     View     View
2017-04-16 The Stirring Wildness of God Emily Hull McGee  Listen  Watch     View     View
2017-04-09 Constrained by Power, Freed by Passion Emily Hull McGee  Listen  Watch     View     View
2017-04-02 Constrained by Reality, Freed by Possibility Emily Hull McGee  Listen  Watch     View     View
2017-03-26 Constrained by Sight, Freed by Vision Emily Hull McGee  Listen  Watch     View     View
2017-03-19 Constrained and Known, Freed and Loved Emily Hull McGee  Listen  Watch     View     View
2017-03-12 Constrained by What We Know, Freed by What We Can Imagine Emily Hull McGee  Listen  Watch     View     View
2017-03-05 Constrained by Obedience, Free to Overcome Emily Hull McGee  Listen  Watch     View     View

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