Summer Sunday School

The Christian life is one lived not just in our minds, but in our actions. Following Christ means moving beyond belief to practice, and through the practices of Christian faith, one creates a way of life within the Way of Life.

Dorothy Bass calls Christian practices "shared patterns of activity in and through which life together takes shape over time in response to and in the light of God as known in Jesus Christ. Woven together, they form a way of life." In her book, Practicing Our Faith: A Way of Life for a Searching People, she and a variety of compelling, creative writers map out a list of twelve core Christian practices that have anchored the faith over centuries: honoring the body, hospitality, household economics, saying yes and saying no, keeping sabbath, testimony, discernment, shaping communities, forgiveness, healing, dying well, and singing our faith. In Sunday School and in worship, we will spend twelve weeks exploring these twelve practices of faith, giving you concrete tools and language around each practice in your own life.
Our Sunday School hour during the summer months gives each one of us a chance to gather together for one larger teaching and discussion time. Using Dorothy's book, we are spending our time in Sunday School in both large group teaching and small group conversation. The current schedule is as follows:
August 6 Shaping Communities
August 13 Forgiveness
August 20 Healing
August 27 Dying Well
September 3 Singing Our Lives 
May this season of sharing Christian practices enhance our living of these days!


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